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A time of peace is upon the kingdom and there is much to celebrate!

You are the humble barkeep of the village tavern and weary travelers are pouring in to eat , drink and be merry.

Quench your patrons' thirst before they reach the end of the bar and keep an eye on those empty tankards!

 What say ye!? Dost thou haveth what it taketh?


  • Fill: Pull Down on Crank
  • Serve: Pull Up on Crank
  • Move: Up & Down on D-Pad


  • The crank fills the tankard when it is in the down position and once it is full (foam on top) you release the cup by moving it back to the up position.
  • You cannot move if you have a tankard that is partially filled, so you need to finish filling and serve it before you can move!
  • If a patron or an empty tankard reaches the end of the bar the round will end and you will lose a life. Lose three lives and its game over!
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tags1-bit, Arcade, Black and White, minigames, pdx, play-date, Playdate, tapper, tavern, tavern-tapper

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TavernTapper.pdx.zip 2 MB


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Okay... the whole aesthetic of this game is PHENOMENAL. Had a lot of fun trying to balance the tappers. Absolutely one of my favorite little experiences on PD.

Thanks a lot! I got a good laugh at the end of the video lol


Hi, it's the friendly buildNumber fairy reminding  you to put a buildNumber in your pdxinfo so sideload update works properly.

Not had a chance to play yet, but looks good!


Fun game, challenging as ####, good art, good music and nice gameplay gimmick.

I played on simulator and the game start crashing around the round 6. It doesn’t crash if disable the 16 MB malloc pool.
Also, it didn’t save my score after restarting the game.


Thanks for checking it out!
Thanks for the feedback as well, I will have to release an update at some point to fix that high score issue.


I also noticed that in addition to the high score issue, when I'm playing the game it looks like the score isn't updating, but when I finish the game, it will try and save the score to the high score list.

Other than the score issues, this game has been a lot of fun.  Love the graphics, the music is jaunty, and it has a good level of progressive difficulty.

I'm glad you liked it, it was a fun game to make!

I intend on fixing the score issues eventually, just need to make the time :)